Galleon Innovative is a leader in the field of custom printing and graphics.


815print.com is Galleon Innovative’s Web-To-Print website for B2B “business-to-business” and B2C “business-to-consumer” e-commerce.


Our continual focus is to support the business operations and marketing efforts of our customers. We perform this mission by providing high quality printed and die cut products, sales engineering, and graphic design services.


To learn more about Galleon Innovative, Inc., please visit our website:  www.galleoninnovative.com.

Creating Value...How You Benefit.


A great printing company continually provides added value for their customers; and cultivates trust through direct communication, dependable service, and quality products.


Galleon adds value at each servicing and production stage.


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1. Engineering and Design

Providing expertise in graphic design, branding, and preparing technical drawings for product development. We find creative solutions to projects unique to your company; making suggestions for materials, inks, adhesives, and production techniques.

2. Proofing and Prototyping

We efficiently proof & prototype graphics and parts to confirm Delta E color matching, critical dimensions, die-cut tolerances, material durability, and environmental requirements.

3. Production

Galleon combines traditional, digital, and proprietary technologies to offer you the most effective solutions to your print and graphics needs. We use Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) procedures for quality control.

4. Converting and Packaging

We offer extensive finishing, converting, and fulfillment options including cutting, folding, binding, laminating, custom packaging and shipping. Products are packaged/boxed to customer specifications with certificates of compliance.

5. Continuing Partnership

Galleon makes communication a high priority, and partners with you to develop a strong customer & vendor relationship. We will continuously work to exceed your expectations and improve the ease of doing business with us.

Galleon with its technologies and management systems will:

Cost-effectively produce materials that facilitate your daily operations.

Improve the appeal, durability, and functionality of the graphics used on your products.

Help you generate greater sales with well designed marketing literature and superior quality point-of-sale items.

Since 1993, Galleon has adhered to the following core principles:

  • Always value the customer relationship.
  • Provide added value at every stage.
  • Maintain a relentless commitment to innovation.
  • Expand scale and scope.



“We will continually work to exceed expectations and improve the ease of doing business with us. We will strive to serve as your design, print, and finishing division; facilitating quicker turnarounds, superior quality, and significant cost-savings.”

Galleon...A Brief History.

Galleon Industries, Inc. is formed.


Galleon adds offset printing capabilities, and bolsters its finishing and bindery operations. Services the Chicagoland area.


Galleon adds digital printing, thermal transfer, and computer die-cutting capabilities. Begins printing on plastic films and offers graphic & technical design services.


Galleon’s customer base expands throughout the United States.


Galleon receives ITAR compliance and certification, and begins to produce graphics and die-cut components for technology companies.

1999 - 2003

Galleon expands it graphic and technical design services, helping manufacturers and technology companies bridge the file converting challenges of CAD to high quality print and die-cut ready formats.

2004 - 2005

Galleon Innovative, Inc. is formed to serve as marketing, design, and sales engineering division.


Galleon adds digital wide format capabilities to broaden its production technologies.


Galleon implements Delta E color measurement controls. Customer base expands into Mexico and Central America.

2008 - 2012

Galleon implements PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) quality control systems.

2013 - 2015

Galleon’s customer base grows into Europe.


Galleon establishes and strengthens strategic partnerships with key trade suppliers to expand scale and scope of its products, services, and technologies.

Galleon Innovative, Inc. launches it’s premier Web-To-Print website 815print.com.

2017 - Present

"Galleon continues to expand its capacity and add new technologies by building upon these principles. Originally servicing the Chicagoland region, Galleon is now a preferred printing vendor for companies throughout the United States and North America, Central America, and Europe."


We help you communicate your ideas; enhance the appeal and value of your products and services.


We evaluate options with you that address quality, pricing, and delivery.


We provide dependable guidance on how to best achieve your goals and objectives.

Problem Solving

We have the experience, skill, and creativity to overcome challenges and solve problems for you.


We develop new concepts, methods, and technologies to offer innovative solutions for your print and graphics needs.


We have well-established partnerships with our vendors that expands our capabilities and what we can do for you.